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WINCATALOG 2020.8.0.1101 Crack Automatically catalog all files stored on your disk (hard drives, DVDs, CDs, network drives, and other multimedia storage devices). WinCatalog Crack automatically ID3 tags for music files, Exit tags and thumbnails for images, thumbnails, and video files, eBooks, content archive files, thumbnails for images (images), and PDFs. Automatically retrieves files, ISOs, and more. More. More.

Organize your file catalog, use virtual folders, tags (categories), and user-defined fields, and search for files in seconds using Advanced Search, even when the drive isn’t connected to a computer. Also, easily use the WinCatalog serial key patch as a duplicate file finder. Your disk’s catalog can be automatically updated via the Windows Task Scheduler. And regardless of the size of your record collection, you will always have a clean organized catalog of files.

WinCatalog License Key is a complete tool, so it is natural to expect drag and drop support in such applications. Although the developer did not add this option, it made the process of adding files to the list much easier. You can add fixed or removable disks, special folders, or individual files to the catalog. Virtual files and custom items can be created very easily.

This application is fast and is able to accurately display the contents of your folders while maintaining a hierarchical folder structure. It remembers file features (e.g., path, size, and creation date) and you can preview them in the right pane.

WinCatalog Keygen can search in aggregates thanks to its integrated search engine. Just type the file name or use additional filters for more accurate results such as size, tags, location, and date. It includes support for multiple tabs and means you can work with multiple searches at the same time.

Key Features:

  • Ability to extract and save EXIF ​​data of graphic files thumbnails (images, photos, RAW images) as well as digital images
  • Using WinCatalog Activator Disk Catalog software, you can access all popular formats (JPEG,
  • PNG, BMP, ICO, GIF, Tiff, WMF, and EMF) or RAW. Produced by the most advanced digital cameras. You can also save EXIF ​​data (comments, resolution, [camera model, focus distance, and other settings) for photos.
  • This means you can view thumbnails of images in the catalog without having to open specific media. And it will allow you to quickly and easily find photos or images in your catalog of photos and images!
  • Easily scan Zip, RAR, and 7z archives and ISO disk images, and add them as catalog folders.
  • The program supports Zip, Zip, RAR / RAR5, and 7z compressed files, as well as ISO and NRG disk images.
  • Files in the archive appear as files in folders.
  • Automatically extract additional information from music, video, HTML, TXT files while scanning and cataloging the disc.
  • WinCatalog Serial number ID3 tags including artist name, song, album, disc cover, and other information for music files can be displayed in the following formats: MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, OGA, ASF, M4A,
  • M4B, M4P, and MP4.
  • For video files, WinCatalog extracts and incorporates basic video catalog information from the serial, including thumbnails, codecs, video frame resolution, audio track information, and more. Therefore, you can successfully use WinCatalog Full Download as a video catalog software.
  • For eBooks, WinCatalog brings out a title, description, author name, and cover image of the activation. Supported eBook formats are Pub, Mobi, and FB2.
  • For HTML files, WinCatalog extracts and stores titles and tags.
  • For text files, WinCatalog extracts parts of the text and creates a preview that appears when you search for a specific document.
  • For PDF files, Wincatalog creates thumbnails for the first page.
  • An advanced catalog search algorithm, filter search results, multiple searches simultaneously, duplicate file search
  • WinCatalog implements a simple search algorithm using simple queries and advanced searches using logical operators AND, OR, square brackets, and quotes – this makes the search more accurate and returns the same catalog search results. And since you can filter your search results as you wish; You can find your desired catalog items almost instantly. Additionally, search results can be grouped using one or more criteria to quickly find duplicate files.
  • Unlimited disk catalog sizes meet very high operating speeds.
  • The main advantage of WinCatalog is the high operating speed when processing disk catalogs thanks to industry-standard databases and SQLite DBMS. With this feature, you can find anything (disk, folder, or file) in your catalog in seconds!

Very simple and intuitive user interface

We strive to create the simplest and most convenient interface so that you can enjoy all the functions of WinCatalog Disk Catalog software immediately after installation.
Manage contacts, tags, and storage (including the use of virtual folders)
Contact management allows you to control who you assign specific drives to.

Tag management allows you to assign a set of keywords (tags) to each item for faster and more accurate searches. By managing the collection in virtual folders using drag and drop while maintaining the structure of files and folders, you can better manage your disk catalog.
Storage management allows you to add as much disk storage space as possible to the program. This could be, for example, “Box # 1”, “DVD Rack # 2”, Hard Disk Drive Rack # 1, etc., and assigning a collection item corresponding to each storage area. This is a great time saver when you have hundreds of disks and other media.
Create reports and export and print XML, HTML, or CSV (for example MS Excel and other applications)

This function allows you to create excellent reports, containing files and disk catalogs, send them to your friends, publish them online, print them, or take in-depth action in MS Excel.

Unicode support

  • WinCatalog Disk Catalog software handles all names and titles correctly, regardless of language, thanks to full
  • Unicode support.
  • Ability to add individual disks, folders, and files to your catalog.
  • All file types are sorted, including extracting additional information from different file types (archives, images,
  • photos, videos, music, eBook, pdf, HTML, txt).
  • An unlimited number of disks, folders, and files.
  • Add virtual folders and move items between them.
  • Manage tags and associate them with individual files, drives, or folders.
  • Search using simple natural queries or powerful search operators.
  • Ability to filter search results.
  • Find duplicate files – Ability to find duplicate files by combining one or more fields or checking numbers.
  • Multiple searches at once.
  • Export your catalog to reports and print in XML, HTML, or CSV (MS Excel).
  • Basic automation through command line arguments.
  • Update disk when content changes.
  • Browse the catalog in Grid View or Thumbnail View.
  • The Properties panel displays important information about files, disks, and folders.
  • Launch files or copy them directly from WinCatalog to another drive.
  • The Insert Disc dialog saves you time.
  • Add contacts and manage lone drives.
  • Manage locations to easily find drives.

What’s new?

  • Bug fixes and some improvements.




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