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By Click Downloader Crack  V2.3.15  2021-2022 Free Downloader






By Click-Downloader Crack  V2.3.15 is a lightweight and simple software utility that has been touted as the easiest way to download videos from popular websites with just the click of a button.

Clear and intuitive use.

The application has a slightly cluttered but accessible user interface that allows you to configure its most important operating parameters from the main window.

This way, you can easily identify the folder and output format and then start grabbing movies or songs from the Internet so you can watch them on your computer even if you don’t have an Internet connection .۔

Download videos from the internet effortlessly.

By default, YouTube By Click automatically detects when you are watching a video in your browser on a supported website, namely Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube or Daily Motion, and displays a pop-up dialog allowing you to download it to your computer.

The program allows you to select the quality (“best”, “normal”, “custom”), preferred output format, video (MP4, FLV, AVI, WEBM, 3GP, WMV) or audio (MP3 or WAV), destination. folders, you can easily access them after the process is complete. Plus, it allows you to open the default media player with a single click of the Play button.

However, the Auto Detect feature can be turned off if you do not need it or has been customized to suit your needs in the Options section of YouTube By Click. From there, you can log into one of your accounts to upload personal videos that are otherwise unavailable.

Download manager for popular media hosting.

In conclusion, YouTube By Click is a useful and easy-to-understand application that can help you successfully grab all your favorite media files from the Internet, be they audio or video files.

How to install and hack:

  1. If necessary, temporarily disable your antivirus software until patches are installed (most often not required).
  2. Install “ByClickDownloader-Setup.exe”
  3. If open, close By Click Downloader.
  4. Unpack “” (password: 123)
  5. Run “” and click the “patch” button



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